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Jeseniky Guide with Viola

My name is Viola. I was given the name after the fl ower that grows on the plains and alpine meadows and pastures - Viola lutea subsp. sudetica. It grows in theKrkonoše and elsewhere in the south of our country, in Slovakia, Poland and the eastern Alps, but it is an endangered species that needs to be protected. Just imagine if all the fragrant violas vanished! We are proud of some other beautiful fl owers. Some of them are endemic, like the bell Campanula gelida or the ribwort Plantago atrata subsp. sudetica. The Jeseníky Mountains are abundant in animals. You may encounter footprints of Lynx lynx, and a few years ago bears and wolves were reported. There is a good chance that you will spot a doe or a chamois. I have a couple of friends who live in a large city and would never ever change it. They don't understand why I am still here. But the Jeseníky region is connected with the whole world via the Internet and satellites. And I have a lot of things that my friends living in cities don't have. I love zumba and rap, snowboarding and biking, rides on the horseback, hiking in the mountains and trips to volcanoes. I am learn to climb on the rocks and I have already tried a paintball game. I am glad that I can go hiking with my grandparents. We simply love it. We walk and listen to the birds sing. We talk about this and that, and look forward to a delicious treat in some of the mountain chalets that prepare meals according to the Praděd Cook Book. Let me take you around the most charming and extraordinary sites that we can offer in the Jeseníky. They include natural, technical, historical and cultural sites of interest, some of them demonstrating the craftsmanship of our ancestors as well of today's people. Join us, but take your mobile phone, a map and mountain or water gear with you.

Sincerely, Viola